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KOSHER MEALS ON WHEELS of greater Buffalo is a community lifeline that provides meals to homebound seniors and disabled members of our Jewish community throughout Erie County, providing nutritionally balanced meals each week.  Volunteers deliver more than 10,000 delicious and nutritious meals each year enabling isolated seniors to maintain their dignity and independence while living in their homes. Volunteers deliver the meals while providing a meaningful social interaction with recipients.

HOSPITAL VISITATION On a regular basis, Rabbi Laizer Labkovski, visits Jewish patients in local hospitals. A card and words of hope and encouragement can go a long way in alleviating some of the emotional hardships that accompany illness.

FAMILY COUNSELING In difficult times, one can always find a sympathetic and empathetic ear in the staff of the CJL. Twenty-four hours a day, we are available to help. And, indeed, over the years, they have received dozens of letters thanking them for their support and kindness.

SHABBAT KITS FOR SENIOR CENTERS AND HOSPITALS Every Friday afternoon the CJL distributes a Shabbat kit to many of the Senior center residents, as well as to patients in local hospitals and to members of the general community. The kit consists of a small bottle of Grape Juice for Kiddush, a delicious homemade challah, two candles and information about the Shabbat. The CJL is asking for additional sponsors so that this program can reach every Jewish resident in every Senior citizen home, hospital or homebound senior.

HOME HOSPITALITY The homes of CJL staff are open seven days a week. Whether they are tourists, friends, people with problems and needs, the homes of the CJL staff is where they stay for a meal, a night's sleep or in some cases several weeks and months.

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