About Us

Jewish Discovery Center is a family oriented, full service Jewish Community Center providing services for any Jew regardless of their background or affiliation. There is no charge to become a member at JDC although donations are appreciated.
The JDC has created
  • A close, tight knit community where people feel for one another and are looking out for the welfare of the other community members
  • A center which provides resources for parents, spouses, children and neighbors to learn about Jewish traditions
  • A system to help people experience spiritual growth and renewal through joining one of our programs or one on one instruction with the rabbi – a subject of their choice at a time of their choosing.
Everybody feels at home at JDC. Our community is comprised of people from across the entire Jewish spectrum, including the “ashke-fardic ultra-refo-conserve-dox”.
Jewish Discovery Center is the home of
  • Kosher Meals on Wheels
  • The Jewish Women’s Circle – Where singles, young moms and women of all ages can be part of a global sisterhood.
  • The Chai Hebrew School – where children have fun learning about their heritage.
  • The Family Shul – Where prayer means connecting to G‑d
  • JDC also provides resources for life-cycle events, addiction intervention, crisis and marriage counseling and referral services and any need you may have.
My personal goal is to meet EVERY Jew who lives or works in Buffalo for coffee (or tea or a glass of water).
What Now?
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