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~ Where everyone is family!
For Singles, Couples & Families


A shul is more than just a synagogue. A shul which is Yiddish for a place of prayer and study, is a home for any jew looking for a warm and spiritual place to grow. At the Family Shul, everybody's welcome. Come when you want. Leave when you want. Bring the whole gang. Treat your soul to something special. With a "come as you are" attitude, you'll feel right at home. No matter where you live, work or study, if you are looking for a place to express your soul, this shul's for you.


Walking into our shul, the first thing you will notice is the people. There are Jews from all walks of life, from all backgrounds and affiliations. You will see smiles, hugs and warm handshakes as people greet each other in a uniquely intimate and relaxed setting. At every service you will find couples, singles, seniors and children. People come to our shul because of the sense of community and Jewish warmth they feel here.


There is no charge to come to the Family Shul. Feel free to come as often as you'd like. You're already a member.

We all are.


A Jew is a Jew. Period. We are one people; we have one Torah, and we have one G-d. The Family Shul endeavors to bring unity to the Jewish Community through our common bond of Jewish faith and observance. At the Family Shul, we don't label ourselves, and we don't label others. We're just Jewish.


The Family Shul is dedicated to helping every Jew increase their level of Jewish knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment. We encourage you to participate regardless of your background, affiliation or level of observance. The Family Shul is not out to make you Orthodox. Only you can make personal decisions with regard to your lifestyle. 


In no way is the commitment to a religious lifestyle a prerequisite to one's acceptance at the Family Shul. There are no judgements and expectations. You don't even have to read Hebrew. Our Hebrew/English prayer books are user friendly, and during services, page numbers are called regularly so even a novice attendee will feel at ease.

Come get a taste of what it is like at the Family Shul. Your soul will thank you.

Call (716) 639-7600 to find out more about our weekly services.


Friday evenings
Kabbalat Shabbat • 6:00 pm
Followed by a Kiddush

Shacharit • 10:00 am
Torah reading • 11:00 am
Musaf • 12:00 pm
Followed by a sumptuous hot Kiddush luncheon.

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