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Adult Education

The lives of our forefathers, their travails, triumphs, and disappointments underpin the world’s conception of monotheism and human integrity. The exodus from Egypt and the forty year sojourn in the desert illuminate the eternal conflict between faith and egotism, corruption, debasement, and humility. 

By examining the lives and deeds of our ancestors, the structure of the Torah, its editorial choices, numerical codes, and laws, we reveal foundational truths that define our purpose and commitment to our values.

We are pleased to offer our community a weekly Torah class intended to communicate the majesty and richness of the text: its protagonists, antagonists, moral values, and insights into the human mind and the human condition. Moreover, our Torah class endeavors to utilize the Torah as a template around which we can structure our understanding of God’s intentions vis a vis the creation of physicality, good and evil, and most mysteriously, the Jewish people. 

Weekly Parshah class
Weekly Talmud Class
Weekly Torah Class
Weekly Kabbalah class

For class times please call 716 639-7600
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